Hello friends – I know it is pretentious of me to assume the total number of you actually reading this in real time as I publish, but I digress …..

Interesting reconnecting with old friends tonight. We talked of common tales of mysticism, world heritage, divinity and all that. I was explaining my backwards theory of how all of pop culture talks about remembering our past – a great and glorious time of wisdom and oneness we squandered – my theory points to our current schooling – we have not yet earned the privilege of such things until we have at least lost some. How all of our collective abductions, and hauntings are messages not of what was, but what will be, trying to non-power assist – steer us off the beaten track to a far more rewarding, however rocky path of true wisdom: We know nothing, we understand nothing, and never will, until we release ego from the equation and accept things as they are.

Deep thoughts for a shallow gene pool.

If by my actions, my children have a wiser path to tread, my job, my life counts. It is less about me than that child i will never meet who enjoys the richness of a universe that is possibility, not separate or alien, but is the being that thinks it, feels it, breathes it. A perfect outcome to our tragedy and strife, our sorrow and indignity. We are evolving towards God, not outside of it, or beyond it.

Wisps and smoke and shadows in the corner of the room are reminders of our infinity – voices and touch – all ways in which we keep ourhigher selves ever vigilant, ever mindful of the unspoken path before us

I feel as if my brain cracks anew, fresh with blood and light at each days break. The more i learn, the less i actually know. But the greater i am for it. It is no longer about me.

Where do you want to go today?

One comment on “Touchdown

  1. hewillhaveyou says:

    “We know nothing, we understand nothing, and never will, until we release ego from the equation and accept things as they are.”
    This is correct, I’m happy people are starting to realize it. Untill you shake of everything you have been taught by contemporary culture, the so-called secrets of the universe will remain out of your reach.

    -hewillhaveyou –

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