Once upon a time at 76 Totter’s Lane

Ok – so I’m a geek. Not just any geek, I’m a Whovian.

For those untrained in the language, I’m an epic fan of Doctor Who. Not Classic Who. Not New Who. ALL Who.

It’s a trait I now get to enjoy with my children, and as it turns out, my dad. He was peripherally aware of Doctor Who a long time ago, but I stumbled on it during the 80’s thanks to late night reruns on CKVR (what we used to call CTV-Two in the old days). Now he spends time becoming informed on the intracacies of this fort year old masterpiece.

It’s cheesy as hell, and didn’t have some of the wow factor in the beginning it now enjoys, but there is that one element that certainly keeps drawing me back, as well as countless others.

There are no rules.

And even when it appears that rules are being laid down, you have to remember that you are following an aging whimsical Music Man on a flight through Time and Space. And that there are no rules.

I have often dreamed of eventually finding my niche and getting some of my own ideas on paper, on screen etc. But I worry sometimes when i see shows of this magnitude – could I write well enough for that audience? I’d certainly love the opportunity – but am I worthy of it?

The construct of the Doctor Who Universe is all at once so massive and also so poetically simple that you just don’t want to eff it up, which has happened, and the minute you decide that some aspect needs to “be” a certain way, you’ve missed the point of the show. Anything goes. But not forever.

The Doctor is a genius of a man who is kind, loving, terrible, frightening and for better or worse the guardian of all things until the ends of time. He calls himself a mad man with a box, which rings true except that he delights in your enjoyment, when you open that box.

It speaks to an innocence, and a connection with life that is almost unatainable, because as high as the greatest joy is that he basks in, equally deep is his suffering. He is alone, and there is no one, and no thing capable of sharing that. Except his Tardis of course. The Box. But it is not separate. They are symbiotic. Parts of a whole. or Parts of a Hole, if you like.

I sincerely hope that Doctor Who becomes infinite. It sounds corny, I know. But so long as we are capable of imagining that kind of dream, then the possibility of it will remain with us always.

One comment on “Once upon a time at 76 Totter’s Lane

  1. Maggie says:

    I love Doctor Who. Bow ties are cool!

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