Day One…..

So I’ve had this blog for awhile.

It hasn’t gone quite the way I hoped. It’s ok, but it isn’t where it could be.

I had always fancied myself as a writer of sorts. i certainly have enough scraps of paper, manilla envelopes and discarded napkins with the essence of my works scrawled on them.

But I haven’t been as dedicated as I really need to be to honestly call myself a “writer”.

Listen – here’s the deal.

My wife, in an effort to focus on her love of photography, committed herself to taking a picture everyday. For 365 days.

It worked wonderfully. She takes amazing photos, as anyone who has seen them can attest.

So, what the hell is my problem?

I have no excuse.

So starting today, I am committing myself to writing something. Every. Single. Day.

I won’t promise that it will always be funny. Or insightful. Or even comprehensible.

But it will be here.

This is Day One.

Join me.

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