The highs and lows of contemporary living

Each day is different from the next.

Each day brings a myriad number of challenges, upsets and experiences.

For me, today, this equals ongoing vehicular repairs, the shameless misery of financial disappointment, and a perpetual nightmare of pets that poop, pull and prattle at squirrels.

But hang on. Listen to this.

Today, our littlest one began the bright and beautiful journey of being able to read on his own.

Its just a beginning, mind you, but a beginning nonetheless.

How awesome is that?

In the grand scheme, a wonky tire, a few bucks short, and energizer puppies are tiny legumes.

Its hard to keep sight of the high points day in and day out. We get so wrapped up in the things that don’t work out, that we miss the things that do.

When next you fret and swear over a missed appointment, or a broken plate, try to look around. See what went right.

We only get one day at a time. Enjoy each one as much as you can.

One comment on “The highs and lows of contemporary living

  1. Debra Davidson says:

    Well said

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