Desparately Seeking Soothing

Hi. How are ya?

Well, enough about you.

I’ve been busy.

Too busy, apparently, to drag my neanderthalish fingers across the touch screen to delight and entice my stalwart readership with my stirling demeanor and rapey wit.


On a brighter note, I have discovered a few things some of you may know.

First: I can be an asshole. Again, sorry.

B: Kobo has this cool self-publishing dooey on their site. I haven’t used it yet, but eventually, I will learn the whole alphabet and give it a whirl. Here’s the link: Kobo – Writing Life

iii) Writing Prompts @ Reddit. This is my new favourite subreddit. It’s how my writing brain goes to the gym instead of sitting around writing about chips and beer.

I will, of course, endeavor to pop by here and do my diligence. If I remember.

Because I really do feel better after I’ve made an honest effort at writing something. I feel the same way after going to the gym for my body too.


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