Be Afraid. Be VERY Afraid. Please?

So I’ve sat on this thing for awhile, but now I can share it. Literally.

A while back, I was invited by Horror author G. R. Wilson (, along with other word-crafters, to contribute to an Horror anthology e-book.

I was pleased to see via email this morning that the collection is ready for your review, perusal, insight, enjoyment and all those other words that mean “have-a-look-see”.

I’m pretty proud of my little slice of scary, and look forward to enjoying my colleagues work as well.

So, please, stand up, put your hands together, then apart, then together again for several rounds, for “Hand Full of Horror”, written by Us, edited by the gracious Mr. G. R. Wilson, and available through the Dropbox links below. (PDF Format) (Epub Format)

Enjoy – It’s free. You’re Welcome. Now hurry up and be scared.

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