Dank Means

Todays post is phoned in.

My computer is waiting for a new battery, so I’m using my phone. Be grateful I’m a caereful editor.

In the past few weeks, the tone of communications amongst human interfacers has continued its downward trend from hostile to beligerently unyielding. As I twist backwards in position with my literary broom of sweeping generalizations, I also take note of the random assortment of bullshit that inevitably floats to the top.

In a time when we should be uniting, we are torn. In all possible ways, we seek to injure, maim, or at the very least cajole into obedience with fierce repost and vigilant meming. The view is flat and unimaginative. No amount of humour from the land of Milk and Lumber can assuage the bitter pill of a spiteful news feed.

Careful and reasoned debate seems to hold no interest. The shrill call of our electronic sheep splashes out at us, and newsy noisemakers and floozy fakers dominate our earballs. We don’t get no respect. 

Seek not a solution within these passages. I am as much a part of this herd mentality as anyone. I wish I could point to a friendlier sky to fly to, where we can all be united in contentment and say “Be Well”. But I can’t. Not with this attitude.

Maybe it’s not about the have nots/will nots/can nots. Perhaps I should just do. Or do not. Because there is no trying to be better. There either is. Or there is not.

Don’t start nothin. Won’t be nothin.

Ain’t that the truth.

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