Twas The ‘Noon Before Christmas

‘Twas the ‘noon before Christmas, the sky colours swishin’.
Die Hard was playing, as was the tradition.

With famdamly gathered, in rooms made for living,
seasonal pjs unboxing, the first gifts a-giving.

Steaks had been grilled on the bbq with care,
with mash-ed potatoes and broccoli to pair.

With I in my work kit, and Mom holding fort,
the junior mint kiddos focused on Christmas-y sport.

When elsewhere and else when, what did arise?
Nothing, nada – no Holiday Surprise.

You see, aside from my work week, this year’s quite the breeze.
No trips, no upsets, just tranquility – yes please

So early we scooched together on cushions,
to nosh away on pre-festive rations.

Tomorrow will bring Christmas #2 in our own home.
Another year passes, and too quickly for some.

For now we’ll take quiet, the odd 12 hr stretch,
over anything that might resemble emotional fetch.

There’s too much bad news. Fake news – whatevs!
So tune out the Nancy’s who lament the Negs!

As I sit here scribing this years entry in blogs I don’t manage,
I think of the many years without such advantage.

We’re happy. We’re healthy and most importantly – together.
There is so much less we could have, I could go on forever.

Instead ‘tis the season to spread joy, mirth and cheer.
So Merry Christmas to all, and a Happy New Year!

There can be only One

Opinions are like assholes. Everyone thinks theirs doesn’t stink.

That being said, the words and phrases contained within these passages are representative of an opinion that is mine, and mine alone.

We fragile, fickle happy-go-lucky lot are a tossed salad of douchebaggery and strongly scented meatbags of confused emotional responses.

Our words are like nuclear weapons, scorching and flattening the earth of our hearts and minds, mushrooming up above us and around us, leaving us choking and blindly stumbling around in a dark and hazy news feed.

While the beasts of the field, and the fish of the sea, and the birds of the air do what they used to do on the Discovery Channel, we bludgeon each other with spiteful rhetoric and ill-intentions.

Every day, in every way, we find new and creative ways to be complete and total evil metal dickweeds.

But wait you say – who the fuck are you? What makes you so important? Who died and made you an ambiguously powerful deity figure?

Record. Scratch.

Wait wait wait.

That’s not what I meant.

You’re twisting my words.

Why won’t you hear my side?

And that’s when it hit me.

This isn’t about you or me.

Or Us versus Them.

It’s about communication.

We all have a great and powerful orifice at our disposal. This gaping hole has the ability to transform moments of instant Karma into magical mystery tours.

With this magnificent maw, we have the ability to change the world.

But there is a catch.

In order for it to work, there can be only One…

At a time.

So stop, look and listen baby, that’s my philosophy.

Otherwise, you are just like all those other assholes out there, spewing hateful shit unrepentently, leaving skid marks where there should have been opportunities to bridge the gap between Fear & Acceptance.

Of course, that’s just like, my opinion, man.

I’m an asshole, and proud of it.