Freshly Squeezed Thoughts ……

Ok, so lately i have been ruminating over exposing myself more. Not in the way you might be wishing, but more to the elements of the paranormal.

Very frustrating, you see, because though i’ve had mere snippets here and there, i can’t say as i’ve had anything of any real concrete value happen to me. And like the illustrious and oft misunderstood Fox Mulder, I too want to Believe. I think i do believe, but would like proof of some kind to share, rather than to convince myself.

As i sit here writing, i reflect on a conversation i had earlier this morning with my oldest son – today is his eighth birthday – about the subject. I would love to sooth his questioning mind with real answers, but it is impossible, just as i can’t give him a solid argument for religion. He is a scientist by nature – dissecting inferring, exploring – and so logical conclusions are something old hat to him. Encouraging him to let go of that mind set a little, and to accept what is as what is is a challenge.

Soon i will be joining friends as part of a ghost hunting group – we’ll see if that draws out anything – and i’ll diligently attempt to catalog my thoughts – freshly squeezed or canned – depends on the day, i guess.