You have been Motivated!!!

At least that’s the idea behind statements like that. One line, shock your system driven slogans to compel and intrique.

Motivation is a tough subject for a lot of us, because it requires work, and effort, and getting off our asses to accomplish job X. I totally feel your pain.

This past weekend, we took on the momentous task of reorganizing our residential layout. We swapped the dining and living rooms. We moved the kids around to more economical configurations in the kid to room ratio, and attempted to clear through all the laundry.

This process is still on going. Also, I had this foolish notion that a bunch of pre-adolescent beings would be capable of maintaining some semblence of order and care of their belongings, once organized. Yeah, not so much.

The downstairs looks great – it was a good move, and has created a more intimate and welcoming environment for our family room, not quite so much like a college dorm.

My wife and I are excited at the prospect of being able to have nice things out again, like pictures in frames or a throw rug on the floor. However, given the 3 yr olds current activity level and penchant for climbing, pulling apart, and tasting, we may have to hold off. I repaired a small hole in the wall, and he thought it was a good idea to lick it. Facepalm.

Behind this push for change is the desire to see progress. We are in a bit of a holding pattern with my career, so doing something to give our daily grind a facelift is appealing – i just wish a)kids weren’t so messy and b)i had more patience. I realize in a few years we will have a whole different set of issues to worry about, but for now, i’ll pay attention to this one: finding a way of motivating my children to demonstrate care and respect for their own belongings, their siblings’, and the house we live in.

Ironically, I am trying to develop the same habit within myself, with respect to my health and fitness.

We never stop learning.

Pardon me while I reach for this double glazed……

2 comments on “You have been Motivated!!!

  1. Samantha says:

    At least the youngest keeps us laughing, even if its after the fact! We’ll get there. ~

  2. Cheap Chick says:

    If you ever figure out how to motivate kids to keep things tidy, let me know!! I never did figure that one out myself. lol

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