Funny Guy…..

I have always considered myself to have a pretty good sense of humor. I have a quick wit, and a charmingly unique perspective on life, the universe, and everything.

I am also extremely humble, devoid of any egotistical tendencies, and I have never once thought to borrow ideas from other sources.

Also, I have a healthy respect for bullshit.

If you can imagine, I was perusing Facebook last evening after an invigorating 3km jog with my Operation:Frilly L’il Piledriver Crack Commando Squad, and I found myself on a bit of a roll with my comments.

I happened to think they were primarily droplets of comedic gold.

Question, however: Can funny go to far?

In one instance, though my offering was clearly within the realm of the subject matter being discussed, as well as the overall tone of the comment-list, it didn’t quite get the response i was aiming for.

You see, I kind suck balls when it comes to knowing whether people are laughing in an electronic environment, or not, as in this case.

Is their lack of response due to a shocked and horrified reaction to my grossly insensitive and vulgar words? Or are they doubled over with too much guffaw-ness to organize their simple digit based musculature to type “lol” and hit reply.

My fragile sense of self vibrates like wine glasses at an opera convention.

Knowing your audience is kind of a big deal. Especially in this digital-electro-techno-futuristic-IWorld reality we live in.

I guess all i am asking is if I pull an e-funny, and it makes you smile, or laugh, or if it causes your entrails to spontaneously relocate to four feet outside your abdomen, then let me know. The quicker, the better. Otherwise like a rabid “So Money” Mike, I will hit redial until you tell me to bounce.

Additionally, if i say something not so funny, keep it to yourself. Nobody likes a jerkbait.

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