Mortality and the Uncarved Block

Ok – So I am actually really sorry. It has been far too long.

But obviously if there was really something going on, you know, that was worth saying, I’d have put on my big boy pants and set down to writing.

Alas, I am here now, so here it goes.

Mortality. A recent event occurred to a family member of mine where the question of mortality came into sharp relief. For someone who has not been subjected to more than the reasonable amount, the event was surprising enough to give the individual pause. I feel compelled to at least cast a sideways glance at mortality since I am taking a leisurely jaunt past its alley.

Funny, though. I haven’t really thought about it. I don’t feel the sense of mortality others might. I’m still definitely in the plodding, middle stages of trying to get through the day, ensuring the kids remain curious and young, enabling my wife to feel empowered and valued, and hoping for a few minutes of gleeful explosion-generating first person shooting on the xbox.

I’m also not quite prepared to deal with said individuals perhaps impending mortality. At least for now.

Also – I’m kind of fed up with assumed experience. And what I mean, without robbing the feline of its covering sack, is that I have gone through a variety of interesting and unique experiences in my life, and each has left distinct and not so distinct impressions on me. As have the people i have crossed swords and paths with.

I ‘m not inclined to bullshit, unless it’s to make a point. And I wish others wouldn’t either. More importantly, if it isn’t entirely true, then it’s lying.

Facebook is terrible for this. I often have to bite my thumb (and fingers, on both hands, or else whats the point) from responding like some knee-jerk wonder dunce answering the warbling cry of the less-than-endangered puff-chested social media butterfly.

Because let me tell you, there is so much fail in the world, i feel like i can’t take it, and i want to cave their heads in.

Who am I really to judge though, right? I’m just this guy, you know…..

My intention with my blog was always to bring just the slightest glimmer of a mummer’s fart of laughter in to the tiny microdot of existence i happen to orbit. But it’s also a venue for me to channel Mr. Furious and beat the ever McLovin’ out of the hood of a stretched 1978 Limited Edition Indianapolis 500 Pace Car Chevrolet Corvette. Metaphorically speaking of course.

Then i remembered the Uncarved Block.

I received many years ago as a gift, the book titled “The Tao of Pooh”, which reviewed A.A. Milne’s wonderful fantasy land in the context of Taoist paradigms. At the time, i though it was cool and that I sounded and looked cool for carrying it around.

I lost the book.

But I googled it tonight when it tripped over my brain stem, and I was happy to realize that maybe i may have a chance of trying out the higher path after all.

From the website,, it says “The essence of the Uncarved Block is that things in their original simplicity contain their own natural power, power that is easily spoiled and lost when that simplicity is changed. This principle applies not only to things, but to people as well. Or Bears. Which brings us to Pooh, the very Epitome of the Uncarved Block. When you discard arrogance, complexity, and a few, other things that get in the way, sooner or later you will discover that simple, childlike, and mysterious secret known to those of the Uncarved Block: Life is Fun. Along with that comes the ability to do things spontaneously and have them work, odd as that may appear to others at times”.

I need to let go of a lot of my frustration and anger about how stupid a species we are. We were stupid two thousand years ago, for nailing a guy to a tree after he suggested we all try to get along, and we will be stupid two thousand years from now when skinny aliens get the grand tour of This Island Hoth from a whiny robot boy who wants his mommy.

Yes the world is annoying. Ok so the world isn’t, but we are. And it isn’t going to change. I really need to work on pulling up my big boy pants, shaking my head and giving ever so soft a chuckle. And let it go. Because i’d really rather just have fun all the time. And do things spontaneously. And have it all work, odd as that may appear to others at times.

I still don’t have to be ready to deal with mortality, though. Not just yet.

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