Ermagherd! Wrerter’s Blerk!

New project!!

2500 to 2800 word essay. Open concept. Cool topic. One that I am exceedingly comfortable with.

This the part of the movie where I hit the proverbial wall.

I gave myself a bit of time to suss out what direction i wanted to head in, but unfortunately, as with some of my early attempts at script writing, fits and starts are all I’m getting.

And here I find myself again, where fine ham abounds like a banquet of literary pork. That last sentence just slipped right out like a well hawked loogie. So did that one.

So more than anything, today’s morsel is more for me than you. It’s my warm-up. Just enough to get me moving forward.

There. I feel better already. Eyes on the prize. Ready to rock. Send me in, Coach. Totally, 100% foc- SQUIRREL!

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