Epic Flail…..

So It’s Summer again. Yay. The World keeps burnin’.

My two oldest have turned the wheel one more time and are cresting at 12 and 10, which, to be fair, blows my frickin’ mind.

How did I suddenly become a dad to almost teenagers? I barely qualify as an adult myself, let alone fulfill the required prerequisites for giving them the skinny on all-that-is-to-come….

Along the way, however, I recognize I must have not screwed it up to badly. All of my children appear to be relatively normal and well adjusted, emotionally and socially. They play. They fight. They laugh at farts. On the whole – normal.

And despite the near-insane lengths they seem to drive me from time to time, they are pretty good kids. I much prefer them to other children.

I just hope I can continue to not screw it up. Mind you, I haven’t forced them to choose between The Jedi or Starfleet, so the jury is still out. No kid should have to make a decision of that magnitude.


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