Assistance Is Futile….

So my oldest son is participating in an overnight cenotaph vigil with his Air Cadet Squadron for Remembrance Day.

I’m pretty proud of him.

However, as I was finishing work tonight, my wife texted me and said he’d forgotten his toque.

Like any dutiful Dad, I ran it over to him.

As I arrived at the legion, he was sitting at a table with some friends, his back to me.

And that’s when I saw it.

You see, it is customary, in any military oriented organization, to keep a certain dress and deportment about yourself.

Specifically your hair.

Now, he’d done his due diligence last night by using the clippers and giving himself a proper haircut.

Except for the ridiculous swath of hair he missed on the back of his head.

I mentioned it. He said he knew already.

For smegs sake people. If you need help with something, just ask.

2 comments on “Assistance Is Futile….

  1. GoldenGreen_Eyes says:

    Ha ha ha. .. orrr perhaps, being your son, he knew and thought it was funny so just left it! ! 😉

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