Clutter Fuss or, Kung-Fu Feng Shui for Dummies

It happened again.

I don’t know if it’s some kind of growing OCD tumesence or what, but it is getting annoying. And painful.

We reorganized the living room/dining room. Folded all the laundry.  Swept. Tidied the games.

You know,  good old fashioned family bonding activities.

I think the issue is we have to much stuff.

Or, more appropriately, we don’t have enough space for our stuff.

Invariably,  I sit and sulk because I don’t like the way in which the room I happen to be sitting in is laid out.

Eventually, rather than pick one square meter to work on, I dive head first into a massive block-sized reorg that takes up most of the day or night or weekend, and leaves me with a sore back.

A really sore back.

I guess its good that the result is a room i can sit in and enjoy.

I can sit in my recliner, gaze out the window and imagine a time when I may not have to stress about clutter and mess and disorganization.

Of course now I can’t get out my chair because:

A) my back still hurts


B) there’s another basket of unfolded laundry caught under the foot rest.

Well, shit.

What a cluster fuck.

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