Words, Words, Words….

I got a present today from my wife.

I wasnt quite prepared for how it made me feel.

Everyday or so, I try to jot down a few witty phrases or discombobulated strings of words to highlight where my brain has been.

Apparently, my wife thinks I’m funny.

I appreciate her (check earlier blogpost re: this) for her appreciation of my humour.

I’m not that funny, IMO. Moderately giggle-worth, perhaps. Occasionally haw haw-ish.

But the gift was a collection of my words,  peppered with hilarious quotes by my children, accented here and there in coloured text.

It is pretty fantastic.

There is also a frame.

Which means she wants to see it up on the wall for others to see, snicker at, chuckle upon and enjoy.

As I said – I wasnt prepared.

The gift was wonderful.

My wife, however, is irreplaceable.

Lotto 649 can suck it.

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