Trudging through a winter Hinterland

The snow is flying again.

I don’t like snow. Or winter.  Or cold.

Like at all.

I’d for sure say I’m more of a warm climate type guy. Or at least moderately temperate.

I don’t mind rain. I actually enjoy thunderstorms.

I’ve been to a purely tropical locale. A bit too humid and dry for me to stay in.

I think about a place, where the wind is pleasant but warm. The sun beats down without scorching. Green grass. Cool water. Perfect.

You see, I got really bad frostbite on my fingers as a kid. The memory of that agony has never left me, and even now, my fingers go first, despite toasty gloves.

So as the wind frostily whips about our legs, pinches our noses and forms crusty white extensions to our various hairy parts, try to envision a warm beach with a soft wind blowing, gently caressing your sun-kissed skin. Your toes sliding comfortable through the grass into the sand. The perfect getaway.

For fucks sake. I just described a holodeck program.

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