I see what you did there.


It’s kind of a big deal.

Everyone has the innate ability to perceive. What they choose to do with it, is part of the challenge.

Everyday now, I read or hear about stories where people express their dismay or frustration over a news item, or a celebrity interview.

This is a wonderful thing. The communal sharing of thoughts. A brilliant side effect to the advent of human civilization.

What sucks, is our still-paralyzing inability to just accept another’s perspective without the need to erase, change or deride it.

We do not need to agree. We do not need to convert.

What we need is compassion. And a little perspective.

Rounding the corner past Seven Billion passengers on Starship Earth, in 2013, we really have very little to fallback on as an excuse for why we struggle with something so simple as communication.

We share the space. There’s no one else. At least as far as we know.

Remember kindergarten?

We’re still there. If you have something to say, raise your hand, wait your turn, and be respectful of the other kids.

Guess what? It still applies. It always applies.

Or else just shut up forever. That works too.

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