Ice Ice, Baby….

There’s a storm coming.

And I mean that in most sincere, literal and figurative way.

Also, I can see it. It’s right outside the window.

Fortunately, I have the appropriate kind of footwear.

Its kind of important – appropriate footwear.

Having the right kind can determine the quality of the experience you have while going from Tab A to Slot B.

Footwear can also say a lot about a persons outlook as well. Each one is unique. You might prefer flip flops. I enjoy the snug, manly fit of a well-tailored boot.

You see, we humans are a fascinating, frustrating, magnificent and idiotic lot.

Lumbering, wibbly-wobbly bags of meat and drama that pout, party and poop, swayed by the whims of pop cultural significance, desires of the flesh and most importantly, by the slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune.

We are tragic. And so much bigger on the inside.

We are all variations on a theme.  Yet we cool the jets of discontent towards each other.

Our spiteful words breeds frostbite into our hearts. We build bridges with anger and insensitivity that keep us apart, and set them alight with fires of indifference.

We freeze each other out. We rain on each others parades.

We really need to chill out.

How about we put aside the pretext of me versus you.

And acknowledge that it’s just US.

Arm in arm. Back to back. Together against the Universe.

We dont have to agree on everything. But we can accept each other, unconditionally.

Yes. It’s frustrating. It’s hard work. But I have an idea.

If I try on your flip flops, then you can try on my boots.

And then, if we can manage that, maybe we can go for a walk.

Not far. Maybe a mile or two.


In the wind. Or the rain. Or the ice. Or the snow.

Because if we are together, it doesn’t matter the weather.

Yes. I realize I said previously I don’t like the cold. It’s called an analogy.

Jeez. Have some perspective.

See what I did there?

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