In the thick of it….

So last night the power went out as a result of the ice storm blowing through our area.

This morning, power was restored. A large branch broke off the tree in the back yard and crunched the neighbors fence.

The world is ice, and we are all popsicles.

It brings to mind the fact that things invariably change.

Whether we want them too, or not, the tides of time and reality shift and flow over us and upon us that we can’t help but be swept forward and adapt.

The natural world is our best example. Wind blows. Rain falls. Ice forms. Snow melts.

All the world is new.

And try as we might, be it John, Peter, or Malcolm, furrowing our brows dramatically upwards towards the camera of life, we can only shrug, chuckle and accept the inevitable.

We are in the thick of it. And there is no better place to be.

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