All Apologies

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry we don’t seem to get along right now.

I’m sorry my expectations are too high.

I’m sorry if the words that I choose are frustrating and annoying to you.

It was never my intention to cause more harm than good.

But it seems I have been totally wrong.

Wrong about how I view the world.

Wrong about how I interact with it.

Wrong about how I feel.

Wrong to say so.

I’m sorry.

I guess maybe the trick is to not be so inflexible.

Sure, we are all raised, and/or grow up with a certain catalogue of values we try to live by. But it’s usually the accepted practice to let things slide a bit, when it comes to family.

We give leeway. We oblige. We shrug our shoulders and shake our heads, chuckling quietly to ourselves.

Because it’s different with family. We should allow them to let us down, or rail against us with abandon, and let it go because we are blood.

After all, it’s only what we believe in. It only really matters when we show it to other people. We don’t actually have to live by our beliefs or anything.

Our families deserve a bypass on the tough calls.

That’s just the way it is.


I’m sorry.

3 comments on “All Apologies

  1. samantha says:

    Well said!

  2. catmason2014 says:

    Ok, so I don’t get to see enough of you guys. I have no idea what is going on! Hope everything is ok! I am making assumptions, but we all know where that leads! Hope you are both doing well. Remember that whatever you do, it is the right thing for you and your wife and your kids…screw what anyone else says or does to try to undermine the awesomeness that is the Rath-Newton Union!
    πŸ™‚ Hugs

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